'' we are on the sidelines '' it's a musical collaboration with low p in lyrics and rap & fogge d. in the production. enjoy
the fanzine "AKONI" is published in printed form, non profit use from June 2020, mainly hand in hand and in places that host similar ventures. Anyone wishing to receive copies can contact by email: and to see related creations
the song " hurt me " is a musical creation by fogge d. based on samples from song of Panos Gavalas "As long as you argue with me" a version of hip hop music along with rebetiko (greek folk music)
fogge d. @ online radio broadcast "nothing accidental" mith Miranda K, which took place on Thursday 12.03 peace
uploaded to youtube a remix by fogge d. in 2013 for the track "in the worlds mess" , which was on the album substitution .
this is a mixtape for killah p. birthday from Rap Monsters Fest
Cypher 1 it's a new song for radio broadcasting Unknown Sound , the music production is from 542, and rap from Shah Leezy, KaSseb, Logik Konstantine, Soulnek, scratch by fogge d.
Anniversary Live 542 cancelled... covid 19 symptoms
Speira with TNT is evolving product, the song written in 2014 and upload again @ you tube platform, with a refreshed video from S.R.G.B.
Penthimos & fogge d. present January ....