this is a mixtape for killah p. birthday from Rap Monsters Fest
Cypher 1 it's a new song for radio broadcasting Unknown Sound , the music production is from 542, and rap from Shah Leezy, KaSseb, Logik Konstantine, Soulnek, scratch by fogge d.
Anniversary Live 542 cancelled... covid 19 symptoms
Speira with TNT is evolving product, the song written in 2014 and upload again @ you tube platform, with a refreshed video from S.R.G.B.
Penthimos & fogge d. present January ....
at next session, we're going to take a trip to the roots of hip hop @ white noice! Saturday 8/2 after 9, evmolpidon 20, gazi free entrance
2020 starts with a new release! fogge d. & Tzoni Mpi present the Sleigh!
Sunday15/12 dj-set @ Athens conservatory , in the context of The Meet Market , from 3 to 5 pm
momix (Molecular Mixology) closes 7 years in the neighborhood of ceramicos and we celebrate it combining dj set and live instruments! fogge d. & Batis we will be live together, presenting `` fogge project ``. we passed 2.555(!) days and this "cocktail” doesn't lose a flavor..... Saturday 23/11/...
Unknown Mizery is a veteran of the Canadian Underground Hip Hop scene, he is founder of the music collective EMPTY HANDED WARRIORS and member of POOR MAN MILITIA and Babylon Warchild. Unknown Mizery will present and perform tracks from his discography @ BUMS. Along with him on the stage will appear...