Fogge d.

Born in Athens, in 1982, Fogge d. came across Hip Hop culture through listening to music in late 1995. Along with some friends of him, he co-founded the group Alcatraz in 2000, when he started writing lyrics and making Rap. At that time, they started recording to cassette tapes, organised parties and broadcast a radio show on a weekly basis. Since 2004, when the group dissolved, Fogge has been collecting vinyls and he also started crafting DJ set including Jungle and Drum & Bass, while in the meantime he was creating his own productions. In 2005, he released the album "Enter da Fog". In 2007, he continued by producing his second independend release "Unfinished Business". Meanwhile, he took part as a DJ in various D.I.Y. live performances and broadcast Dubstep and Drum & Bass radio shows. At that period of time, he met the members of Speira (Σπείρα) Hip Hop group, started playing with them in live shows and in 2009 he joined the group. He is a member of "Speira" till today. His third personal album "Morning" was released in 2010 and later on he got involved in the production and recording of “Speira's” album “Substitution”  (“Υποκατάσταση”), which was released in 2012. He has cooperated with other musicians in the release of their projects and has taken part in live shows and DJ set across Greece and abroad. In 2017 he finished the project ”every month beat challenge” with Hip Hop instrumentals and from March 2018 he then participated with songwriters and musicians in the band Karavani (Καραβάνι). Then comes the fourth album with Speira and KK "the season where rise" ("η εποχή που ανατέλλει") where he dealt with recording and the production of the record.