Dubstep Vinyl Selection // Christmas Edition

The first Dubstep releases date back to 2000 in England and were darker and more experimental trying to incorporate samples, borrowed from other genres of music such as Dark Garage and DnB, combined with Dub-Reggae bass and rhythm. These tracks were usually on the B 'sides of single releases as a remix. In 2001 they began to be presented and promoted in London clubs, where people in dj sets tend to have a more thoughtful approach to music.

Since 2005 many web sites dedicated to the genre have appeared and helped to develop the scene. At the same time the genre received extensive coverage in music magazines and radio stations. Dubstep nights began in cities such as New York and San Francisco. The scene in Japan was growing rapidly despite its cultural and geographical distance from the West.

In 2008, Techno artists and DJs began to incorporate Dubstep elements into their productions, at a time when the genre seemed to be moving away from its Reggae-Dub base, introducing dual-time bass drums and samples of 8-bit video games. In 2009 Dubstep Audio gained further worldwide recognition by assimilating its elements into other genres in a similar way to drums and bass. obvious Mainstream influences. From that period onwards, the term post-Dubstep was used to describe music that combines features of Dubstep with other genres.The artists have incorporated Ambient music and R&B elements from the early 2000s, with a tempo of around 130 beats per minute.

2011 saw a significant rise in the US through a style known as Brostep. A lacquered and aggressive variant of Dubstep that has proven to be commercially successful. In contrast to traditional production styles, which emphasize sub-bass content, Brostep emphasizes medium frequencies with robotic fluctuations and aggression in sound samples. US musicians often drew inspiration from English producers who tended to work less with sub -bass and more with mid-range sounds.

Nowadays in general the genre is probably outdated for most and has been broken down into more sub-genres, and musical mutations, often confusing listeners and producers about what Dubstep's music is all about.

however, I singled out five artists from my collection for the Christmas vinyl selection, from 2006 to 2011, where they are considered representative.