Noise pollution is a form of violence, a danger that threatens the health of everyone. We are talking about the second environmental hazard, after the air pollution. The European Union has a maximum of 55 dB, to prevent the negative effects of sound on our health. Millions of people are exposed to...
Who said it's over the summer? VOL. II Party on the roof of white noise @ gazi, Evmolpidon 20
on Sunday 15/9, dj-set @ tehcnopolis, in the context of The Meet Market, from 5 to 7 pm
saturday 7/9 dj-set & live sax and percussion from Batis @ traditional cafe ¨να μείνει¨
is the first recording device, French Invention of Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville in 1860 which it is considered to have been made the oldest human voice recording.
summer party @ traditional cafe ¨να μείνει¨ sat. 20/7
on Saturday 13.7 will be @ bar Εκκεντρικόν dj set from fogge d. with jazz, funk & trip hop music selections. after 9 @ Υμηττος central square.
new album released from Speira and KK " the season where rise ". is the fourth album of Speira and the first for KK contains thirteen songs. music lists for listening the album @ you tube, bandcamp & soundcloud Speira profiles. there will soon be a link to free downloading the disc, as well as...
new instrumental `stereo grappa` from fogge d. @ soundcloud
Sunday 10 March @ Cabezón , kerameikou 110, Athens dj set: Nikolas Razastarr & fogge d. ( vol. 4 ) (foto: anonymous architect)